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Our Organization

​The Mayville Area Ambuance Service (MAAS) is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 corporation.  This organization was created to provide ambulance and emergency medical services (EMS) to the Village of Mayville and surrounding areas.  We are staffed by several dedicted volunteers, and governed by our Board of Directors.  Board members are appointed from the contracted areas we cover - the Village of Mayville, Fremont Township, Dayton Township, and Rich Township.


Our Funding

As a Non-Profit organization, all of our funding used for accomplishing our mission of providing emergency medical care.  MAAS is funded through three main sources - billing for services provided, service contracts with the governmental units serviced, and memorial and donations (donations may be tax deductible). 


Our History

Planning for MAAS began in late 1975.  Over several months of preparations, MAAS was official in service in October 1976.  Operations were based out of a small garage, that was shared with Mayville Police, across from the Mayville Fire Department.  Over the next several years, MAAS call volumes grew.  In July 2005, MAAS moved in to our new building at the corner of M-24 and Lynch Drive.  MAAS put our second ambulance in to service in August of 2014.  For 2018, MAAS responded to over 600 calls.  We continue to look for ways to improve the services we provide to our community.


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