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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Important Disclaimer: The following FAQ section includes information regarding health provider decisions, health and payment matters—not financial matters. None of the following questions or answers constitutes medical, insurance and/or financial advice. This basic information is provided to assist patients and users with terminology and general information. When making important health care and financial decisions, please contact your physician, health care provider, insurance provider or attorney for complete information and qualified advice

I think I'm having a medical emergency, what is the fastest way to get an ambulance?
For any emergency, ALWAY CALL 911.  The 911 dispatchers will send the appropriate ambulance, fire rescue if appropriate, and will provide you with instructions prior to the the ambulance arriving.

I don't feel well, but I don't need to go to the ER, can I come to the base and get checked out?
MAAS does not provide services at our facility.  We can not guarantee that someone will be available at the base.  If you are unsure, we recommend that you contact your physician, or call 911 and an ambulance can come to you and provide assessment, treatment and transport as needed.

Can I be transported to the hospital I normally use?
Normally, yes, you can.  However, in some emergency situations, it may be better to transport you to a different hospital is that better equipped for the situation.

I had a emergency and two ambulances showed up, why?
Although all ambulances look similar, in the State of Michigan, there are three license levels for ambulances - Basic (BLS), Limited (LALS), and Advanced Life Support (ALS).  MAAS is a BLS level agency.  In cases where a patient's condition requires ALS level interventions and treatments, an ALS level ambulance responds with MAAS, if available.  This could be compared to how nurses and doctors work together inside the hospital.

If an ALS ambulance responds with MAAS, will I get two bills?
This depends on a few different factors - your insurance, which ALS agency, and whether or not you were transported.  Depending upon the arrangements and agreements between that agency and MAAS, the billing for their services may be combined with ours or they may bill you directly.  If you have questions or concerns about your bill, please contact our billing agency.

Does insurance cover an ambulance?

Ambulance transportation coverage varies among insurance providers and policies. It is important to review your coverage and understand the limitations and requirements of your coverage.  Many insurance providers may also require you to pay co-pays or deductibles for ambulance services and transportation.  

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