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Each year, thousands of Americans experience some type of cardiac event.  An estimated 400,000 people a year suffer a sudden cardiac arrest outside of a hospital, with 25% of those having no symptoms prior.  In 2015, MAAS responded to 10 cardiac arrest calls (1.7% of our 586 patient encounters).   2014 national statistics


Research shows that early cardiopulmonary rescuitation (CPR) and defibrilation with an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) can dramatically increase the odds of survival.  This early response must be initiated by bystanders, prior to EMS arrival.


With this in mind, MAAS created our Community HEART Program.  The Community HEART or Helping Ensure AED Response & Training program to provide, free of charge, AEDs and CPR training to the residents and businesses located within the area we serve.  This program was jointly funded by the MAAS and the Lois Arlene Western Mayville Charitable Trust.

Through this program, we were able to plan 8 AEDs in to our service area, and provide training to members of the organizations receiving them.  Locations of those AEDs are on our service area map.

We are not accepting applications for this program at the present time.

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